Open Control Architecture

Adopt AES70

AES70 delivers a Control Protocol Standard

AES70 Explorer supports 3 adoption scenarios...

  • Implement your own software
  • Use reference hardware design
  • Use existing AES70 implementations

In all cases, AES70 Explorer supports engineers by providing a ready-to-use OCA Controller for testing, monitoring and controlling OCA Devices during development stages.

Information on OCA Adoption

The OCA Alliance and many members provide resources for education, and adoption assessment advice. Depending on your situation you can contact the Alliance or read more on the technical website.

Resources include Example Code, Reference Designs, Evaluation Devices and Software Libraries which are both Open Source or Commercially licensed.

What is the AES?

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) is the largest community of Audio Experts1.

AES standards in general, as described by the AES, bring the industry's teams together. Standards ratified by the AES support new technologies, improve performance and ensure interoperability.

For more information on AES standards, and the standards development process, visit the AES website standards development page.

The OCA Alliance technical committee in conjunction with the AES developed the standards specification for AES70. Visit the OCA Alliance website for additional information about the AES70 Standard.

Implement Your Own

Implementing your own AES70 control protocol following the AES70 Standard can be done by an existing software engineer. While commercial designs and libraries are available, there is no special membership, hardware or licensing fees associated to a ground up custom implementation. Find the Standards Specification documents from the AES website, and let the OCA Alliance know you are interested in OCA. As a member of the OCA Alliance, it's easy to interact with other members at various events and learn more about fellow member experiences. OCA Alliance Members.

Use a Reference Design

Using reference hardware designs can fast-track adoption of the AES70 Standard. Reference designs can bring remote control and monitoring to systems such as powered speakers, microphone pre-amps, power amps or small mixers.

Resolute Audio offers one such hardware module design. The module is programmable, has DSP design options, and includes a web-based user interface for remote control of parameters. AES70 Explorer can also control this reference design.

Use Existing AES70 Implementations

Complete AES70 class libraries empower development engineers to create any kind of control or monitoring solution needed for any particular application. Whether building next-generation iterations of existing solutions or launching completely new concepts, an off-the-shelf library can fast-track development time. Combined with AES70 Explorer, an engineer can test, monitor and control devices right from the start.

DeusO is a commercial supplier of ready to go AES70 software libraries and integration tools. The commercial package includes complete implementations of the AES70 Standard for device-side and controller requirements. Find out more.

1. Audio Engineering Society -