Inspect, Monitor & Control

AES70 Explorer

A Media Network Utility for AES70 Device Development

Inspect, Monitor & Control

AES70 Explorer supports engineers by providing control of OCA devices 'out of the box' – accelerating device side development.

For OCA devices, AES70 Explorer inspects, monitors and controls objects defined from most OCA classes.

OCA UI - Control Widgets

An important feature of AES70 Explorer is the user interface builder. Build a unified user interface, for monitoring or control, directly from devices' OCA object trees.

Simple and complex OCA classes are automatically available as UI widgets.

Use Cases

The primary use case for AES70 Explorer is to assist in AES70 device development by providing an off the shelf OCA Controller.

AES70 Explorer is intended to be used by engineers in test environments to fast-track development.

In addition to testing, the software can assist in monitoring OCA objects, collect information from multiple devices in a single user interface, or as a tool for other development needs.


Current Version:
1.1.1 (Updated 2023-12-19)

  1. mDNS discovery of devices on a local network
  2. Manual connections to IP or domain + port
  3. TCP + UDP Supported
  4. Multiple device navigation
  5. Device object tree, as structured navigation
  6. Compatible with most OCA Classes
  7. Store / Clear multiple user interfaces


The software is built on the underlying technologies developed by DeusO GmbH. The technologies include the complete AES70 controller library AES70.js and the AUX Control Widgets library.

By combining these two GPL libraries into a functional application it is now possible for anyone to explore devices that support the AES70 Standard.

Library Sources:
AUX Control Widgets

Technical Requirements

The AES70 Explorer is freely available using an installer:
Download Software.

Supported Systems:
Apple Silicon MacOS Ventura or higher,
or Windows 10 or higher

Project Source:
View on Github